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 My Story  

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One of my greatest passions in this lifetime is to continue to help others by holding sacred space of complete love for healing the mind, body and spirit.


Some of my favorite qualities about myself include seeing the positive side in everyone and in everything. I am constantly creating my very own perfect world, encouraging others to do the same and setting the ground for others to do the same.


Some of my personal strengths are knowing and being accountable of my life as I paint  my own life’s reality.


My background includes having worked for a member of Congress for almost 20 years. During my time there, I assisted thousands of constituents from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. I am also the creator of, a site for all who are interested in products that cruelty free.


During my life, I spent many years studying the works of many masters and quickly knew that reality was in the love and liberation.


I have always believed and taught everyone around me to do what you love. my passion is in helping others become empowered and whole again.


I stepped out of the confines and attachments of this world. My interests are solely to focus on what is nourishing, what is healing, and what is real and for me, that is love and nature.


I  have a bachelors degree in Psychology, a masters degree in National Security and Foreign Affairs, I am a Certified Raw food Nutritionist, Detox Specialist for Dr. Robert Morse,  Certified advanced Thetahealer®  and I am certified under Dolores Cannon for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®). I also attend many of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s retreats around the world.


I have great passion to share my joy, love, knowledge and understanding with the world.



ThetaHealing®  a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for

improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit. This is a great technique that opens the door to the knowledge of the power of our thoughts, feelings and prayers.

Through this and many other techniques,  I provide assistance to thrive bringing out your true self while holding space to leave all limiting beliefs, old programs and conditions behind.



As a Raw Food Nutrionist  I offer stress-free strategies and recipes through intelligent energy self-regulation and science-based techniques that will help you build resilience and improve your health, balance your emotions, or improve performance in business or sports, so you will have more energy, insurance and experience calmer, better relationships, and improved outcomes.


I enjoy being nature, reading and attending workshops that enhance my practice and my teachings. I am constantly learning and putting it into my practices to increase my abilities, confidence and accuracy. This encourages and enables the continuation in  transforming my life and help for others to do the same.  


I also enjoy diving into the science behind the power of the mind and healing through other techniques such as Dr. Joe Dispenza and his amazing workshops.



Throughout my journey, I have been able to reach and touch many beautiful souls all over the world. I am fluent in English, Spanish and some French. Whenever necessary, I have translators who work with me in assisting during sessions in any other language.


My inspiration comes from all the ones I have reached and touched throughout my life with  unconditional love. I provide the necessary space, time and support to guide each person to their wholeness, understanding, healing and transformation. I  am here to  hold your hand while showing you the way to the endless possibilities and create and live your dream life fully.

I thrive in the knowing and teaching how we create the life of our dreams. Once this is understood, we are all able to create and expand in a happier, healthier,  more loving planet for everyone.


Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?

Let me show you the way to the most powerful energy that is and transform everything you want within and around you to the life you have always dreamt of.

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