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Quantum Healing

Here's what to know about the concept of quantum healing, and how to understand it

There are some people who believe in Quantum Healing because they were exposed, at some point, to the teachings of Dolores Cannon–recognized as the pioneer behind Quantum Healing. Based on her experiences as a practicing hypnotist, Dolores wrote many books about Quantum Healing. In fact, she’s known to have developed the so-called Quantum Healing Hypnotic Technique (QHHT).

Dolores’ teachings, especially QHHT, shouldn’t be confused with the book entitled “Quantum Healing,” which was written by Deepak Chopra, M.D. Though both Dolores and Deepak Chopra are called ‘healers,’ Dolores’ approach is based on her experience as a hypnotist and using her unique QHHT over many decades.

Grace's clients have healed some of these health issues through their sessions:
  • ​Heart Disease
  • Diabetes-All types

  • All Cancers in all stages

  • Intestinal issues

  • Cartilage repaired

  • Bones healing

  • Vision/Hearing fully restored

  • Skin problems

  • Lung issues
  • Back problems

  • Neck/Shoulder issues

  • Liver diseases healed

  • Kidney issues healed

  • Open skin wounds being completely healed

  • Viruses completely healed

  • Migraines healed and causes explained

The mind can heal ANYTHING. Mental focus, intention, Belief. Believe it, and it is so. Imagination is Intuition.
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